Please make G'MIC and its plug-in versions identifiable in the installer/download versions


It would really help if G’MIC installers for the download versions, especially the plug-ins, had a version number like gmic_gimp2.10_qt_win64-2.5.3.exe.

As it stands, it’s impossible to find out which version is being offered for download. Please remember that not all G’MIC users around the globe have permanent online access or broadband connections and thus need to know whether the current version available for download is the one they actually want (and which they may already have installed). In some cases they may even have to spend extra time and money to download the installer using a slow connection, so leaving them in the dark seems to be a bit unfair.


(Mica) #2

While I agree with most of what you said, this part isn’t right. Nobody is making anyone download G’MIC. If you’re OK with taking something that is without cost (and warranty!) but not completely to your spec, then don’t take it.

I’m sure they’d accept a patch to make the version number appear on the installer…


(G'MIC staff) #3

Step 1 : Look at the “stable” version number displayed on the page header.


Step 2 : The binaries from the download page always correspond to this version.



The content of the website is irrelevant. If a (privileged) university student in a country like Bangladesh or Vietnam can download the G’MIC installer at a university, uses an USB stick or a feature phone as a storage medium and then makes it available to friends or even companies/freelancers who only have a 2G connection (if any at all), versioning matters. Graphics artists aren’t necessarily computer experts, and making available installers for download without indication as to which version is included are likely to cause confusion.