plugin or automated way to export all variations of layers(including stack position) and modes

Hi All,

Does anyone know if the following exists (as per title), but basically:

  1. where all layers (lets say 2 for this example) have every mode set (e.g. Colour Erase, Multiply etc) and upon each mode a variant export of the resulting image is saved/exported.

  2. the above goes through all modes, spitting out a variant image for each mode, the layer at the bottom of the stack moves up one (up to the top in this 2 layer example) which then starts the actions & and exports of images per mode as per above point 1.

  • summary purpose -

To automate the many export options and different looking results …

I hope i asked this correctly and in the correct place - fingers crossed.

Best Regards & Thanks for Any Feedback {-_-}


It does not exist (yet) in G’MIC although this is definitely doable with a custom script.