plugins or extensions?


Is there a way to extend the RPD processing in any way? I’d like to hook into the script to import images into Darktable and setup my own backup routines (specifically using Git-annex). I know Python well and i don’t mind writing plugins - i just wonder if that’s documented somewhere. I looked into the handbook and it seems geared more towards novice users…


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No, sorry.

Would patches to do this be welcome?

Thanks for the quick reply!

Any proposed plugin system requires more than a patch. It needs a proposal. The proposal should cover:

  1. A comprehensive use-case explaining the rationale for the feature. Here is an example: Request for Comments: Photo and Video Consolidation for Rapid Photo Downloader
  2. The proposed UI for the feature, taking into account the existing UI and the fact that it would be coded in Qt 5.
  3. An analysis of how it will fit into the existing process model.
  4. An explanation of how the proposed system will handle dealing with downloads that can total tens of thousands of files at one time (which is the case for some time lapse shooters).

Only after these steps are complete and people have had a chance to comment should any code be written.

Awesome! Thanks for detailing this process in detail, it’s very useful for contributors like me. It’s a little daunting, especially since I wasn’t thinking of having any UI for the plugins I had in mind - the idea, is, after all, to just call commands that then would show a UI… The other problem is that a patch that would enable a plugin system would only enable a generic interface without having necessarily a single use case in mind.

But I understand better the constraints now and will see what I can do.