PNGs are not output.

I am using Ubuntu 22.04.01 LTS. I installed the gmic_ubuntu22-04_jammy_amd64.deb version from G’MIC Download. I can’t save PNGs with this installation. The output directory remains empty.

I confirm that saving .png files is not working properly with gmic-qt (standalone).
I have the same issue on Ubuntu 20.04 with latest release.

Are you writing to a remote or local drive? if it is a remote drive it may be a permissions issue.

@AdmFubar It’s a local drive.

have you tried a different directory or drive? and is there a G’MIC version that is available from your distro’s repositories? if so install that version and see if it makes a difference.

Some news about this issue. I told Sébastien (main dev of gmic-qt) about the problem, and he confirmed the bug. Hopefully he pushed a fix today :

That means this bug will be fixed in next release (3.2.0).
I’ll try to post some binaries of 3.2.0 pre-releases asap (but I have to fix a network issue on my main PC that refuses to connect to ftp since the upgrade…).


I’ve put binaries for version 3.2.0_pre of G’MIC, here : Index of /files/prerelease

The .png output bug should be fixed in G’MIC-Qt. Could you please test @sauter-direkt and tell me if that’s the case ?