Pointy end up - traditional Dutch roof decorations

It is quite traditional to have a wooden roof decoration on top of some of the houses around here. They range from stark geometrical to elaborate, almost jugenstil-like creations. I usually walk past them without noticing.

I shot these today while strolling around in my home town. Camera was Pentax KP and the lens was the DA*550-135mm/f2.8

I used Darktable not only to do a straight conversion but also to benefit from its absolutely awesome perspective correction tool. Gimp was used for some spotting, cloning as well as a bit of levels/curves. Last was scripted GMIC with the sketch filter applied.

I don’t like the gmic filter, but the idea behind this series is really interesting!

I agree with @paperdigits; compared to your other applications of sketch, this one isn’t great. But I am loving the subject.