Prague, Mánes at night

Visited Prague, definitely one of the most beautiful cities in europe. On a night trip I took a shot of the Mánes gallery and the water tower (Šítkovská vodárenská věž).

Had my tripod with me and took a long-time exposure of 20 seconds, therefore there is much data to play with. Lens was a Pentax-M 28mm 2.8 (lensfun got the Pentax-A version)

20200905_Prag_1486.DNG (27.6 MB)
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@pphoto Beautiful frame. Thanks for sharing and improving my day!

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DT 3.2.1

20200905_Prag_1486.DNG.xmp (12,0 KB)

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20200905_Prag_1486.DNG.xmp (14.8 KB)

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20200905_Prag_1486.DNG.xmp (38.9 KB)

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Beautiful photograph.
Processed in GIMP using luminosity masks and a touch of saturation masks to try to bring out detail in the darker areas, such as reflections in the water.

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I like it in black and white.

prague-manes-night-20200905.DNG.xmp (58.0 KB)
darktable 3.2.1

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Done in RT and Gimp.

Tried to get rid of the strong orange coloring while not killing the mood.


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20200905_Prag_1486.DNG.xmp (12.7 KB) 20200905_Prag_1486_01.DNG.xmp (14.7 KB)


Wonderful details!
Since there are already so many warm and colorful edits here, I have tried to create a “natural nightly” version, similar to what the eye might perceive.

20200905_Prag_1486.DNG.xmp (21.5 KB)


manes.prague.dng.xmp (12.6 KB) darktable 3.2.1, retouch and some cleanup with GIMP


Which is exactly how I wanted to see it.

20200905_Prag_1486.DNG.xmp (21.9 KB)

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@pphoto @Jade_NL Removing the light really changes the feel of the image! It’s nice either way.

I really think that it should go to be honest. It is a harsh, too white and bright distraction that keeps pulling the eye away from the overall main subject. Tried to attenuate it at first (it is part of the scene), but I wasn’t able to without making it look obviously doctored. So it had to go altogether.

Removing the lens flare (the iris/aperture one) might be open for discussion. I personally think that, in general, it should go when it concerns photographs and should stay when it is a filmed scene. Funny/interesting thing: The Japanese add lens flare to their anime.

Thanks for this nice photo, my try with DT 3.2.1

20200905_Prag_1486.DNG.xmp (17.1 KB)