Preferences - Color Management

(Ian) #1

Hello, I still use 4.2 - I hope I can ask a question about it …

I don’t understand the two controls in the Color Management tab of the Preferences dialog: “Output device white balance” and “Output device Yb luminance”. Do they refer to my monitor, or to the final medium which could be something like print? If it is my monitor why isn’t this information in the monitor profile? And if it’s the final medium why is RT concerned with it at all - shouldn’t that be the business of whatever/whoever handles the converted image ?
Either way, what should I set them to? I can make a guess at my monitor’s white balance but I don’t even know what “Yb luminance” is … thoroughly confused.

(Morgan Hardwood) #2

That version is from 4 years ago. We dropped support for 4.2 a long time ago and your questions are obsolete. Update to 5.4.

(Ian) #3

I upgraded to 5.2 which is the last stable version supported by my OS.

Now, I can see that these questions are about the monitor, the new version labels them more clearly. So, how do I find out what to set them to? The monitor manufacturer’s documentation is of no help whatsoever, and neither is Rawpedia.

Also, I think there is a little bug in that you cannot set the monitor profile to an arbitrary file - it only allows the profiles from RT’s own icc directory. I would have to copy the monitor profile I created into that directory, which on a Unixoid system is dirty and not recommended.

(Morgan Hardwood) #4

Have you filed a request in your OS’s issue tracker to update RT yet? Post a link to your issue once you file it.

Which OS that is?

What are “they” exactly? A screenshot would help.

I doubt it’s only RT’s own ICC directory. As far as I recall, it always looked in the standard color profile locations - /usr/share/color/icc and C:\Windows\system32\spool\drivers\color

(Ian) #5

Which OS that is?

gentoo GNU/Linux. 5.4 is available as unstable, so the maintainer knows about it; little point in bothering them.

What are “they” exactly? A screenshot would help.

Preferences|Color Management|CIECAM02-Specific Settings
As I wrote above, I know roughly what to use for the White Balance, but I have no clue about “device’s Yb luminance” or “scene Yb luminance”.

I doubt it’s only RT’s own ICC directory. As far as I recall, it always looked in the standard color profile locations

I was wrong about that. But still, no straightforward way to specify my own file, in this RT version.

Thanks for your help.

(Morgan Hardwood) #6

You should keyword and use 5.4 or compile it yourself, and file an issue in about why 5.4 is keyworded as unstable.

(Glenn Butcher) #7

You can just put your profiles (or copies, or links) in the directories RT recognizes. That’s not to un-straightforward.

FWIW, I prefer to work that way, so I know where to find them. I call that directory my profile “zoo”. A directory tree can be a deep, dark place…

(Ian) #8

Actually it is only one directory. I can specify which one in the top location picker in that tab, but if I pick my own directory RT won’t be able to find icc profiles that come with the system (under /usr/share/color). This may not be a big deal as long as it can still find icc profiles of cameras under /usr/share/rawtherapee (I don’t know if that is the case).

I worked around this problem by letting RT use the X11 system monitor profile.

Sorry, messing with the distro filesystem is off limits for me. This is not Windows.