Preferred Server OS ?

(Milton Bliss) #1

I’m thinking of building a server to host digiKam. I have more pictures than my laptop drive will support. Which Linux distribution is preferred to support digiKam?
Will accessing the server via xrdp offer a usable solution?
Any thoughts or comments of how to nicely tag, organize, search, find a specific image amongst the 100,000 photos in 3TB would be most appreciated. I’m leaving MacOS Photos for reference. Facial recognition tagging is my most preferred feature. Events I keep fairly organized by album, but assigning names to faces is a huge task which I would love to have automated. My reading suggests digiKam is quite good at facial recognition and name assignment.
Thank you in advance for your comments.

(Kees Guequierre) #2

At work we use both Debian stable (stretch) and Suse SLE (11 and 12) for our servers. My own servers run Debian testing (well just because i like to break stuff). Both just work, but i prefer Debian above Suse. In all there isn’t much difference between all the distributions, they almost all offer the same functionallity.

(darix) #3

@andabata is obviously wrong. openSUSE is so much better for servers. but I might be biased :wink:


If the server will be just hosting MariaDB you can probably go with Debian or Ubuntu server. Just make sure the version of MariaDB in their repos is not too old. I have never used openSUSE on a server but I bet I will just work too. But I would not go with a Debian based OS on the machine you actually run digiKam on. It is just a pain to get a recent version of digikam there.

As for the face recognition in digiKam, it works okay, I use it almost every day but I don’t mind face tagging manually (hold Ctrl key and draw a rectangle around the face). There will be major improvements in face recognitions in 6-12 months period. One of GSoC students wrote a new face recognition algorithm but digikam devs still need to check the code, integrate it and test, test, test… before they can release it.

Also make sure you keep digikam .db (collection) files on an SSD. It will make your face recognition way faster.


REFS? When on Windows?