Preprocess depricated question

Hi all
When running a script that I used to run in V 1.0.x , in new version I see the following in the consol panel, 16:25:26: # Pre-process Flat Frames
16:25:26: Running command: preprocess
16:25:26: This command is deprecated: calibrate should be used instead.

the scripts run successfully but wondering if there is something I need to change in the scripts

You probably are using old scripts. You should use the new ones provided with the new version.

If it is home made script, then as Siril says use “calibrate” instead.

Yes, these are old scripts as I stated. Perhaps I shouldbe more exact. I modify supplied scripts and uses a few custom ones. The stated warning is the only thing I see that is of concern. I think it just reffers to the fact that you changed preprocessing to calibrate or calibration. The scripts run fine as I stated as far as I can tell. So do I need to go in and change any line that says preprocess or is it fine as is. Is there a difference.? Also as another question, upon installation of the new version, I lost settings such as my synthetic bias offset and others. It would be nice if future upgrades could save settings pior to deleting the old version. I did not see anyway to do that. Not a big deal, but would be a good feature. Fantastic upgrade to your great software either way, keep up the good work. Much appreciated.

There is no difference between preprocess and calibrate, it’s just a rename and the former is marked as deprecated.

The old settings are supposed to be imported correctly, which package of siril 1.2 did you use the first time?

Thanks for the clarification. I am going in and change preprocess to calibrate to eliminate the message.
Windows 1.2.0-beta1 upgraded from 1.0.6. Been using siril for years and this is the first time I recall losing any settings.
EDIT: to be clear Win 11