Press request: When is the next bigger update

Hello, a print magazine is planning a larger article about ART. We would like to know when ART gets a major update next, so as not to write about an outdated version. Could you tell me something about that, and possibly about the changes planned? (Not details, just a few hints.)

You could reply by PM and all info is treated confidentially. More info from me by PM, if you wish so.




Version 1.10.1 was released just yesterday… as written elsewhere, it is mostly about bug fixes but it contains some new features related to workflow improvements (mostly about easier keyboard navigation / shortcuts).

The only plan I have for the next release is the switch to Libraw for raw decoding, but I have no idea how long that is going to take – it mostly depends on how much free time I am willing to spend on this, something that I can’t easily predict at the moment.

Thanks for the remark, but there is no need to worry about this (from my side at least).


Alberto, thanks for a clear and fast answer!