preview error in 3D stereoscopic conversion

Hi everyone!
Here is where i’m having trouble:
on Gimp 2.10.24 with GMIC 1:2.9.4-0focal1
upon selection of the 3d sterescopic conversion plugin I have the following message on the preview section:

Preview error: *** Error in ./fx_tk_make3D_preview/*if/fx_tk_make3D/*if/*if/fx_tk_stereoimage/*local/*if/ ***

Command 'rm': Invalid selection [-3,-3,-5] (contains index '-3', not in range -2...1).

if I ignore it and try anyway to process the image, the process stops with almost the same message:

*** Error in ./fx_tk_make3D/*if/*if/fx_tk_stereoimage/*local/*if/ *** Command 'rm': Invalid selection [-3,-4,-5] (contains index '-3', not in range -2...1).

Did anyone had seen similar issues?

Yes, I get the same issue here.
This filter is actually old (from 2009), and Tom hasn’t been around for a while to check what happens.
I’ll check it but I’m afraid I can’t do much to restore it.

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fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:

What I would do to fix it to go by one by one checking with return, and then see what went wrong. I believe the problem lies in within existing command with regards to the number of images that they output. And adapting the code with existing commands used there should fix it.

It will take days to months to fix it by doing this.

EDIT: Maybe it has to do with tk_fx_channel_processing? The rm[-3…] thing is close to the beginning. And this leads me to line 22, and the problem might lies in fx_channel_processing.

I had a look yesterday, and although I understand why it throws an error (not enough images in the list), I don’t get what was expected to have in the list.
There are no comments for this code, so it’s quite hard to guess what the command expected.
At this point, I don’t know how to fix this code to make it work as expected.