preview error in Partha's gimp 2.8.14


(Elizabeth Hayman) #1

Partha’s gimp is one of the only ones (I think) that implements the nik collection, which I really want to use! …but am having all sorts of issues…Win does not seem to have a strong fondness for this one…ughs

anyway, here’s a screenshot

thanks for any ideas/help

(Elizabeth Hayman) #2

interesting news…it only is disabled when trying to use the film emulation. huh. - very frustrating as that’s the major part of gmic that I use(!)


Morning, @lizardbreath,

A far fetched idea, but what happens if you untick
Internet (below the Available filters column)?

Have fun,
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Edit: Bad advice! See below instead …

(Elizabeth Hayman) #4

And good morning Claes,

just feeling very foolish over the thought that wow, that might be it, …sadly, nope, that is not the answer. Whenever I use any of the film emulations in gmic I get this quick flash of square light…very weird! but it works fine in all other parts of gmic :slight_smile:

here’s me getting inpatiant and using other methods than the norm to get something b/w:

first I used monochrome, then I hue-saturated it until I got it at a hue I liked, then I leveled/wb it, smoothed it out, denoised it and sharpened it :slight_smile:


Correction: Sorry, that was a bad piece of advice
I gave above, i.e. it does not help. It seems as if g’mic wants to call
home and is looking for an update which is not there
any longer.

This sounds like something that needs surgery from @partha
and/or from @David_Tschumperle.

Claes in Lund, Sweden

(Elizabeth Hayman) #6

ugh, I hope not, I really would like to start using the nik collection (which I havent been able to access yet, ironically)…yes, maybe it is time to go back to the old reliables :slight_smile:

(Mica) #7

Indeed your GMIC version is 1.6.x, and that version is quite old. Update the GiMP from Partha and it should work again.

(Elizabeth Hayman) #8

oh thank you! geez, had no clue… :roll_eyes:

(Elizabeth Hayman) #9

…actually, I did know about the newest gmic, but took everything out, thinking Partha’s new version would cover all that…lol, guess not.

(Elizabeth Hayman) #10

but I I really need some help trying to figure out where the nik collection is suppose to be…it is downloaded, and Partha emailed me, telling me specifically to let it be installed in the default location, and then quote “When installing, select the default options.” …what?

(Mica) #11

I’d imagine nik installs to C:\Program Files\nik or something like that. I can’t say for sure since I’m not a windows user. Also nik has nothing to do with GMIC, so you’re unlikely to get good help in this thread.

I’d think you could also run the nik installer again and find the default install location.


The NIK collection of PS plugins in Partha’s Gimp have nothing to do with the gmic-gimp plugin.

They are called by a modified version of RobA’s “shellout” python plugin and an example from one shows where it expects to find the NIK files. These have to be installed separately,

# Build command line call
  command = "\"C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Nik Collection\\Color Efex Pro 4\\Color Efex Pro 4 (64-Bit)\\Color Efex Pro 4.exe\"" + " \"" + tempfilename + "\""

That preview error in g’mic 1.6.1 best solved in updating to a recent version of gmic-gimp. It should be possible, gmic-gimp version 2.x should be able to co-exist with version 1.x At least it does in linux.

(Elizabeth Hayman) #13

interestingly enough, because Partha seemed to be re-saying “default” so much, I thought I should be looking for something of that nature, somewhere. And I think (maybe?) I did right between the scripts and the themes is tags…gimp-tags-default.xml…granted, I know I’m grabbing at straws, but anything to do with? - At the same time, I am currently playing with the Nic collection…question: can you add your own jpg pics to all of them? So far I’ve been only able to do that with the top one, (I think that’s Viveza 2)

and yes, I’ve re-updated back to what I actually did have before, gmic qt :slight_smile:

(Elizabeth Hayman) #14

okay, I do know where the shellout plugin is…currently the nik collection is not in the list of things to “shellout” …I know I’m a pc dork, so help! …plus, i need to eat…

(Elizabeth Hayman) #15

dude, I’m embarassed to even mention the fact of how many times now I’ve downloaded certains programs that were only intented to be downloaded ONCE :roll_eyes: (and of course, properly uninstalled)

(Elizabeth Hayman) #16

finally! :slight_smile: I have been having some fun with the nik collection - and I did something kinda smart - when first opening up each of the programs, I pinned them onto my task view for way easier access



Not even sure which Gimp version you are now using, however since I made some screenshots you are getting them.

A little bit of investigation. All this using a Win7 64bit VM and a Partha Gimp 2.8.14 pulled from the Internet Archive.

First the NIK collection.

The Partha Gimp 2.8.14 did not have the required python plugins installed. Maybe there is a later 2.8.x version, I do not know. If this entry is missing, then update to a version that has it.

Next gmic-gimp plugin.

The latest QT version failed in Partha Gmp 2.8.14 on a dependency, libidn-11.dll Probably easy to fix, if you are keen. An easier way is use the gmic-gimp GTK version.

Get the zipped version, unzip, put it somewhere convenient, add it to the Gimp folders path


Does it work, Yes it works. Remember to update the filters, 491 here. Using film emulation, it does pull the required file from internet as required. They are not pre-installed unless you do that yourself.


Where are the gmic files held in Windows …\Users…\AppData\Roaming\gmic


hope this helps.

(Elizabeth Hayman) #18

sorry I’m taking so long to reply…I do already have the most recent gmic put into Partha’s gimp…but I’m still playing with my stand-alone nik collections…I do realize your’re showing me how to actually have them into the gimp, which would be convient, but I’m lazy - and want to play a bit :slight_smile: …but I will get back soon and follow your suggestions!

and thank you!