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(allex melin) #1

i am new to rawtherapee and noticed that the previews look nice and when i klick open it shows me the original raw file. but if i want to export the file as the preview is what do i do?

some of the pictures look really nice in the preview and i just want to export some of them like i see them im the preview. and some i want to manually process.

kind regards Allex

(Morgan Hardwood) #2


Read this:

(Matthew Miller) #3

Specifically, Eek! My Raw Photo Looks Different than the Camera JPEG. The quick answer is that the preview shows you the camera’s own native conversion, but when you actually open the file, you get RawTherapee’s take. (This is true of any other RAW editor.)

If you like your camera’s out-of-JPEG results and don’t need further editing, there’s no shame in that at all. Many cameras produce gorgeous results. In this case, I recommend using the RAW+JPEG mode in the camera, to save both. You may also find some presets which match the camera processing closely — but it will never be exact.

(allex melin) #4

thanks for responding :slight_smile: i shot raw+jpeg just cause sometimes the jpeg is looking nice already. but this time around i was having raw files from my friend, he just shoots raw from a sony mirrorless model. it was my wedding so i wanted to make them nice. because the actuall raw files are really terrible… he is a “proffesional” photograph but from the raw files i got i cant tell he is.

i am going to have a look at the links :slight_smile: but is there a good way to convert them to jpeg with the preview filter in rawtherapee or do i have to get some other application?

kind regards Allex

(Flössie) #5

Apart from being a bit harsh with your friend’s professionalism, you should be able to extract the embedded JPEGs from the RAWs.


(allex melin) #6

yeah i know im harsh but he brags about it so i was really dissapointed in the results :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the link i have to try it :slight_smile:

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #7

In RawTherapee, you can try and click the long bar that is situated above the tone curves in the Exposure module that has Auto-Matched Tone Curve written on it. Usually it gives an image that is quite close to the JPG version given by the camera.


If the embedded jpeg preview pictures are too compressed (or not even full-size), some sort of program should come with the camera (Capture One?) (mac/win only?), and it should be capable to export very similar high quality jpegs.
Which I would use as a base, making further improvements in RawTherapee for every set of similar photos.

(Flössie) #9

Good hint. :+1:

“Usually” means “if there’s a DCP for the camera”, which usually should be the case for Sony. :wink:

(Alberto) #10

The Sony imaging edge program (might have a different name now, I don’t remember) can render the raws pretty close to the in-camera processing (might be slightly different depending on the camera model and software version, but usually the diffs are minor) and should run reasonably ok on Wine as well.

(allex melin) #11

thank you guys! i didnt think of sonys own program. might work! i like to work with portable apps, but its worth to try! going to have a look at Auto-Matched Tone Curve to!! thanks alot! :smiley:

(Morgan Hardwood) #12

If you’re using RawTherapee 5.4, then you should already be used the auto-matched tone curve tool, because it’s enabled in the default profile for raw photos.