Primera Primavera by HIRAM

For the first day of spring this year we had nice skies and all the animals came out to play food chain.

What is that clicky sound…

I’m going to get that clicky sound.

Perch spot.

Meal to go.

New Year’s Tree

Freakish overgrown milk thistle weed taking over strawberries.

Potatoes next to a germinated acorn.

Spring has sprung here; so, how did spring spring over in your neck of the woods?


There’s still snow on the ground here… but not for long (I hope!). Those are some awesome pots BTW.

Haha thanks, the strawberries have been so hardy this winter they may graduate to top-shelf Talavera.

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Afternoon to Evening conditions, a lull in between storms. Atmospheric River aloft.

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Awesome, 3rd one is my favourite, great capture :ok_hand:

What bird is that? It’s a gorgeous little thing! I love the colours.

What’s spring like here? Pretty much the same as summer, autumn, and winter: rain; lots and lots of rain. :unamused:

It is our California Scrub Jay. They are ubiquitous here, and not afraid to hop up to you and steal part of your lunch.

Considered highly intelligent, possibly #2 only to humans due to very high brain:body mass ratio.


Fasinating! This is exactly one of the reasons I love this great hobby, and why this forum is such a great place to hang out — you get to learn some amazing new stuff every day (whether it be something about a stranger’s life, the history of a place you’ve never heard of before, or all about a lovely little bird that lives a long way away).

Thanks for sharing!