Print proofing workflow on linux?

Hello, I was wondering about the process of preparing files for a print shop on linux. Which tools do you use to ready your file for print? I have downloaded icc profiles from the print shop which I want to use in rawtherapee, but I am not sure which is the correct place to choose the profile for print proofing. And which tool and options do you choose for readying the final file? I want to print to c-type in as high a resolution as possible. I have heard some shops max out at 300dpi and some go up to 600ish?

I haven’t dug into this for a long time, but I recall (from 10-15 years ago) that the main area where GIMP lost out compared to Photo Shop was pre-print production. I will emphasize, I don’t have any idea where things stand, now.

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What I do, and I have used RT, GIMP and Linux for several prints, with decent success imo, is just make sure I have a calibrated display (using DisplayCAL and Spyder 4 Elite and that both GIMP and RT are using the same color profile.

Then I do a test print at the shop and that usually gets me 99% there, save for only very slight exposure adjustments.

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Thank you. Where do you choose the icc file in RT? I can see a couple of places and I’m not sure which is correct. In Colour Management there is Input Profile, Working Profile and Output Profile.

I just tick use system profile, under Color Management.

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For me the best option is doing a test print too.
I’ve made some prints of different style of pictures in the same laboratory. I’ve compared the screen with the picture and have made adjustments with it. Now I know how finish the pictures to get what I want.
It’s typical to get a darker picture in your first prints because the screen has light…

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You want to set the print profile under preferences and enable softproofing with the icons in edit view.


I’ve found a picture with the screen and print comparison.
This was done before printing in 1 meter width