Printing borderless on a Canon Selphy 1300

Hi all, I don’t know if this is the place to ask, but I can’t make my Canon Selphy CP1300 to print borderless. There is always the tiniest off white border visible along the long edge, so it’s not 100% borderless. The Canon Selphy is connected via wifi. I’m running Fedora 35 with Gnome41. I have cups and gutenprint 5.3.4 installed. I’m using the Canon SELPHY CP1300 - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.3.4 (color) driver.

When printing from the commandline using the command “lp -d Canon_SELPHY_CP1300 -o raw filename.jpg”
I get a decent print, colours are ok, just along the long edge, the tiniest of white margin/border is visible. I’m talking about a millimeter on both edges. Of course my image files are in the 3x2 aspect ratio.

From the cups admin page

Canon Selphy CP1300, connected via Wifi
Driver: Canon SELPHY CP1300 - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.3.4 (color)
Connection: ipp:// (ip off the Selphy printer)
Defaults: job-sheets=none, none media=custom_105.66x158.5mm_105.66x158.5mm sides=one-sided

General Settings:
Media Size: Postcard 100x148mm
Color: RGG Color
Color Precision: normal
Shrink Page if necessary to Fit Borders: Crop (preserve dimensions)

Printer Features Common:
Borderless: yes

The other features in Output Control Common, Output Control Extra 2, Output Control Extra 4, Banners and Policies I left untouched.

I can only achieve a print using the command line. When printing from an application like XnView, Digikam, … I only get a print when using the other driver: Canon SELPHY CP1300,driverless,cups-filters 1.28.10(en) driver. But using this driver I get the strangest of margins around the image, even when I have added the correct paper size. This driver doesn’t allow me to set the margins to 0, also it sees the Hagaki paperformat as standard.

When using the Canon SELPHY CP1300 - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.3.4 (color) driver. I get a message on the printer saying “Cannot read data! Cannot print incompatible images or memory card not readable”.

I circumvented both these issues by printing from the commandline. I even added the command to a bash script.
When I right-click on a jpg file and choose “Scripts” I can point to my bash script and the file gets printed. While this felt like a workaround, it’s really convenient.

When printing from the command line, both drivers seem to work and I don’t see any difference between the 2 drivers, but with both have a small border/margin along the long edge.

Any input is highly appreciated.

Can you try printing from a system that can use the official cannon driver?

On my Windows 10 system, I have 100% borderless prints.
I terms of color I have no issues / I don’t see any difference.

EDIT: Ohh… I completely messed up. My problem was that if I tell the printer to be ‘borderless’, it crops too much of the image away. I started to resize + add borders to my final print images to compensate… That’s kinda the reverse problem of what you have. I’ll keep the rest of the post for information if you go that route, but it’s clearly not the problem you were having.

I resize to 1133x1662.
Then I add borders. 24px to the left, 24px to the right.
54px to the bottom, 46px to the top.

I might have bottom and top mixed up.

And this is of course for portrait photos. If it’s landscape, I rotate it 90 degrees first.

Like I said earlier, the resulting image I always printed on the device itself (copy to SD card mostly).

magick <inputfile> -filter robidouxsharp -distort resize 1133x1662^^^> -gravity center -crop 1133x1662+0+0 +repage -background white -gravity north -extent 1181x1716 -gravity south -extent 1181x1762 +repage -alpha off <outputfile>

This is on Windows, that explains the triple ^ in there. I basically give 1133x1662^> as dimensions to imagemagick. The > means ‘do not enlarge, only shrink’. The ^ means ‘fill the area’, which means it’s OK to crop some part of the image, as long as to fill the given dimensions. This might not be what you want.

As far as I can see I think the printer is printing ‘borderless’
It tries fitting the image to the paper (by shriking, stretching or whatever).

I should test this, but I feel that the custom paper size media=custom_105.66x158.5mm_105.66x158.5mm might be just too tight.

Adding a millimeter like 105.66x159.5 or so might just do the trick