Printing from darktable on Ubuntu

At the moment when I want to print an image that I have edited from RAW in darktable on my Ubuntu PC I export a full resolution JPEG at 100 quality and copy it to a Windows PC and use Epson Print Layout with a paper/ink/printer ICC profile to print to my Epson ET-8550. I am pleased with the results.
Is it sensible to carry on with this method because I am struggling to get my head round colour management and printing from darktable/Ubuntu?
If I try to print from darktable and specify the ICC profile then skin tones are too pink - very much like examples I saw in a video about double applied profiles. If I print from Image Viewer skin tones are pale. If I print from darktable and specify colour management in printer driver then the results are close to the Windows method - but then how do I specify a profile if I want to use different papers? Should I limit myself to the media available in the OS printer driver config?

Do others print from darktable on Ubuntu using different papers and profiles? Where can I educate myself? How do I turn off colour management so I can get profiles created?

Ubuntu 23.04 x11 session
darktable 4.4.2 from ubuntuhandbook PPA
Epson ET-8550 drivers
Permajet papers and ICC profiles.

Which ICC profile? One from Windows? This is not compatible. Each OS, (Windows, macOS & Linux) have different driver and need different ICC profile.

You can’t, or you need to create the profile yourself.

The solution it to use TurboPrint on Linux. This is an excellent product (not free nor Open Source but really not expansive) which is supported in darktable. You can see on their website the supported printers and what paper is supported too for your printer.

That’s what I’m using and very pleased by the end result (and I do quite some print for exhibitions).

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Thanks. I will investigate.
The profiles I have tried do not specify OS. To download them from the website of the paper company you specify printer, ink and paper, it does not ask for OS and does not object when I download them under Ubuntu. It does give instructions for installation under Windows and Mac. I have contacted them about providing profiles tailored for my setup.

That’s wrong, an ICC profile cannot be independent of the print driver. At least Epson & Canon ask for your OS.

Oh wow, they now support Canon Pixma Pro 200. 50€ seems a bit high for me, but it’s 1/3 the price of a full ink refill… Might be worth in the long run. Supporting an european company as well in the end.

But hopefully it is a 1 off cost until you buy a new printer and need a new version.

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I’ll support the idea of getting turboprint. That’s what i’ve been using for years now, the one-off cost is reasonable and I have good results using different paper media from both Canon and Red River Paper. I’ve stopped bothering too much about ICC profiles and just use those who are close to the type of media I’m using (glossy, matte, etc)

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