Printing too dark

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RT 5.4 and it’s the same with 5.5-dev

For printing, I export the image as a jpeg 95% and subsampling: best quality 4:4:4 and when the image is printed it’s much darker.

I understand that screen is luminescent while the print is not, so what can I do?




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You can lighten the image slightly or you can calibrate your monitor and printer.

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This is what I have found is effective. Print a test image of known good quality image such as a printer test image. View the image in a imager viewer and adjust the screen bightness untill it best matches your printed vesion of the image. You may be suprised how low you need to set your screen.


Which printer / model / paper do you use?

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Fuji Crystal paper & Fuji Frontier printer: Costco.

I do use their profiles from drycreek, the colors are good, but it’s just too dark. In Darktable I would use the level module are up the middle tones by .5 and that would do the trick, but I have found a “level” equivalent in RT.




Soft-proofing sounds like the best remedy for you.


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No, soft-proofing shows me which colours are out of gamut, but my prints are still too dark.




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See links here

Also, much advice here:

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Thank you very helpful.

I just bought on amazon a Spyder Pro (very good sale in Canada, not in the US). It should take about a week to 10 days to get it delivered, then the calibration…

But this brings me back to the question I had about RT, how can I emulate the DarkTable level module?

I want to change/brighten the middle tone and not touch my white pint/black point.




Good! I hope you will have great fun with the Spyder Pro!


(David Wilson) #12

It is just a cheap standard printer, aHP Photosmary 7520.

I do not have much problem with colour as more limited dark light range of printed images.


@foto This might be of interest to you:

(Andrew) #14

I think what would be equivalent is to open up a custom curve in Lab tool or one of the two in Exposure, put a point in the middle and move it north west a bit. If you find a position you particularly like you could note the exact coordinates or save the curve I think. (I haven’t read the references above though)