Printing Workflow

Hi guys, I couldn’t find a printing module in RT. How is your workflow to print on a local printer?

There is no print module in RT. Open the jpeg or tiff in an application that supports printing and have at it.

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Picture Window Pro from Digital Light & Color is now available free/donation. It has all you need to make excellent prints.

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Could you explain what you would expect from a printing module?

Developing Raws and direct print some of it on my canon printer. Most are postcards where I need to select exact size, border and paper, second is to print passport or mini pictures on one sheet. I have tested different ‘printing sw’ like Gimp, Skribus, Affinity Photo and Publisher. They all have a lot of functions and possibilities e.g. for collages or write text on the pictures but ‘my wish’ is a faster workflow so I use Digikam for standard printing after export. How is your workflow to print?

Hi @DefLeppard, thanks for the summary of your wishes. I think it could make sense to include something along those lines in RawTherapee in the future. Currently the core idea of RT is to focus on raw conversion and editing, hardly anything else.

Personally, I think I have ever only printed one of my photographs in any serious fashion. No tips for a workflow from me :slight_smile:

You should start to give away postcards to family and friends. This small piece of paper make everybody happy and it is perfect for a spontaneous birthday gift. Perfect start is e.g. with a Canon Selphy Printer, I got infected and switched to a bigger printer for different paper types.

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i understand your intension, but for me it would not be an option to print out directly from RT, because I guess RT isn’t WYSIWYG:
I often check the result in a photo-editing-software like Gimp or similar (here PaintShopPro) because the final view differs from the editor-view in RT. By example, the result of sharpening after resize isnt shown before export. So, it happens that i export a tif-file 5 or 6 times, before being satisfied with the result.
Means, even if there was a print-option in RT, i wouldn’t use it.


I print from Gimp or Scribus. The former for one off prints the latter when printing a series.

I don’t think Rawtherapee should include a print module but being able to select multiple images in the file browser view and send to external app would be useful.

I used Geeqie for viewing and culling, it has printing functionality but for my batch printing auto rotate (portrait/landscape) is a very nice feature that Geeqie is lacking as far as i know.

Depends how serious you are about your prints. I use Qimage for anything that I want good prints of.

I suppose it might be possible for the devs to put somewhere (possibly with the save functions) a function to save to a high quality tiff and then send it to the OS’s print driver, but I am not sure how helpful that would be. I also don’t know how they would make sure the correct colour profile was sent to the print driver as that is often printer specific.