Problem importing AVI in Siril 0.99.10-1

I captured AVI files using ASIAIR Pro and am attempting to process them with Siril 0.99.10-1 on Mac Big Sur. The video is color but Siril is converting it to monochrome with a visible grid over it. I have tried selecting both .SER sequence and FITS images in the Conversion tab’s destination, and tried with and without the Debayer checkbox.
Is there any way to convert these AVI files properly with Siril? Alternatively is there another format I can convert the AVI files to that will be properly imported by Siril?

Further detail: the AVI files have RAW8 colour format which appears monochrome until properly debayered. I am looking for the Siril option that debayers this format correctly, or if there is no such option that would also be useful information as I can then focus on getting something else to work.


sorry for the late reply, your post got unnoticed as we mainly monitor this section of the forum:

Avis is deprecated in Siril since many version. Now Siril ask you to convert avi file into SER file.
Once it is done, you can change preference in Siril as follow:

choose the Bayer pattern and check debayer.


For reference, this is useful: SER - FreeAstro