Problem importing Canon CR3 files into Rawtherapee and Gimp

I am trying to import Canon R5 CR3 files into GIMP - my understanding is I needed to install the newest Rawtherapee 5.8 (which I did).

When I try the import into GIMP all I get is a giant white square with no picture.

So I tried opening Rawtherapee directly - the preview thumbnails look great - but when I double click on one it also becomes just a white rectangle (see attached Jpeg). The thumbnail turns white as well. Data shows the RGB are all 100%

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a setting I have to set?
I read that I need to make sure CR3 is checked in the preferences/file browser - I looked and CR3 is checked - so that is probably not the issue.

Also - what is the best method - directly pulling into GIMP using the Rawtherapee plugin or using Rawtherapee itself as a stand-alone and exporting it as a TIFF and then importing that into GIMP? I want to retain as much data from the RAW file as I can.

Thanks in advance

If I look at your screenshot I see you are not using the latest version :wink: You installed the latest official stable release, but that one is rather outdated.

You do not mention your OS so here are some links to the latest versions:

You are looking for the one with the highest build number (example for linux would be: RawTherapee_dev_5.8-2995-g166538d_20210614.AppImage

About the RawTherapee → GIMP question:

You can set some related things in the preferences (General → External Editor). In most cases just ticking the GIMP option is enough, but you might have to tell RawTherapee the full path to the GIMP executable. You can then use the “Edit image in external editor” icon (or use ctrl-e).

Also have a look here: RawPeia - Edit Current Image in External Editor

Sorry - forgot to mention I use Windows

Excellent suggestion - I installed a new build and Therapee now works and imports the CR3 files!
BUT - now GIMP does not automatically use Therapee as its import ‘plugin’. I get this error:

When I had the old version of Therapee installed GIMP was able to find and use it - now it can’t. So I figured I needed to set GIMP to look in the right place for it in preferences and it seems there is a place to do that - but I can’t figure out how to edit the path shown so that it points to the Therapee directory:

According to Jade_NL I should set the preferences in Therapee which I did - but that does not seem to help.

Any ideas how I get GIMP to call the new version of Therapee? In theory I can just open Therapee & export the file as a TIFF - but this is an extra step for every file. And do I loose data when I do that? I assume if I do do that I should save as a 32 bit TIFF?

Thanks again for the help

This is to get it to work the other way around: You start with loading your RAW in RawTherapee, get the image ready to the point that you are satisfied and then use ctrl-e (or the edit externally icon) to load it into GIMP to do some more editing. RT does the auto conversion to 16 bit TIFF for you in this case. All this is mentioned in the RawPedia link I provided on my previous reply…

About the GIMP issue: I’ve run into that using darktable and rawtherapee. It, GIMP picking up either of the two, only seems to work when you’ve installed stable dt or rt versions that adhere to a specific naming (and possibly a specific range of directories). I’m not at all familiar how things are done in Windows so I cannot help you with this one.