Problem with certain cr3 files

Filmulator is my goto raw processor, because of it’s excellent results and ease of use.

However, I have come across several .cr3 files in the PlayRaw category which open with a heavy magenta cast. A case in point is: What do people use to get the most detail out of the shadows in images with large differences between highlights and shadows?.

This does not happen with .cr3 files from my own camera or other .cr3 files.
Is this due to the alternative compression methods for this type of file, or is it a mistake on my part?

This was meant to be a query about Filmulator, but I realized later that I have not seen anything from CarVac for a long time.

I do hope he is Ok. People are far more important than pieces of software!

I think at one point he stated that Filmulator is pretty much feature complete, as far as his goals/requirements are concerned. He’s quite active on GitHub, but working on non-photo-related projects.

It’s probably because these CR3s are from cameras newer than the LibRaw library built into the last released versions of Filmulator.

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Good to see you back - you have been missed!

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