Problem with CR2 canon

I have a problem with my CR2 folder, since yesterday. Everything was running smoothly but I suddenly got a weird green tint when I open them. I found some similar issues for Nikon, but could not fine a solution to my problem.

I could not tell why. Some CR2 opened fine, others do that. Are they damaged or corrupted?
Thank you. Best wishes.

I have a similar issue, have you resolved this?

Have you tried deleting your cache?

@octopoulposs @randerson07 This was an unfortunate bug in the release of version 5.8, which has been fixed for some time in the nightly builds (although I cannot find the exact commit for the fix atm). Please try that out if you need to work with these images Release Automated Builds · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub

Thank you. A Nightly build has fixed my issue!