Problem with export

I’m using SiriL 0.9.12 on macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave) and I’m loving it. I’ve been a long time ago user of IRIS, so I feel at home with SiriL.

I’ve having some trouble exporting final images. For example after processing an image of M76 (stacking, photometric color balance, asinh transform and multiple histogram transforms), I’ve exported the final image to JPEG. But the exported image doesn’t seems the same that I’m viewing on the RGB view. Yes, I’ve linear visualization in SiriL.

I’ve seen the same behavior with other images and exporting to PNG or TIFF. The exported image, never looks the same that inside SiriL. I must to to Affinity Photo and add a curves layer to bring up the image to the same look.

Here is my example from M76

And if you want to try to reproduce the problem, here is the FITS file just before exporting

siril_processed.fits (9.0 MB)

Thank you in advance!

Think about your visualisation sliders before trying to make any transformations !!!
These sliders must be at 0 and 65535

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Ouch! :man_facepalming: My fault!. Thankyou very much, and sorry for the noise :wink:

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No problem, it’s a very common issue, we should have better warnings in the GUI for this.

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I think I could add a dialog that popup before user save the image if sliders are not at min/max