Problem with Gimp 2.10.34 from flatpack and G'mic

I’ve installed Gimp 2.10.34 from flatpack on Ubuntu 22.04. I’ve selected in the list of complements to install G’mic. Installs Gimp and it says that also installed G’mic, but the G’mic option in the filters menu doesn’t appears.

Is there any way to fix this?

Thank you.

It is possible to get the wrong gmic version. What do you see with flatpak list ? gmic 2-40 or 2-3.36

Try removing gmic flatpak uninstall gmic and follow the prompts
then re-install flatpak install gmic choosing a version.

This in a Mint VM

You might want to hold off for a day or so, Gimp 2.10.36 is out.

and bound to be a flatpak update soon.


Thank you for your answer.
In the flatpak list appears gmic 2-40.

I’ve tried removing and reinstalling the gmic 2.40 version but the issue persists.

I’ve updated Gimp to the last version (2.10.36), uninstall and reinstall gmic (both versions) and the issue persists.

It’s running in a Ubuntu 20.04.

Any idea to how to solve this?

Thank you in advance.