Problem with G'MIC Stencil

Patterns ➤ Stencil: Stencil Type ‘RGB’ does not work properly (compared to older versions)

You’re using an old version of G’MIC (2.2.2_pre).
I don’t provide support for such older versions. I’ve tried with latest version 3.3.2, and it seems to work as expected.

3.3.2 creates a transparent layer (foreground in the screenshot).
I showed 2.2.2 only to show the regression (in the screenshot in the background).

OK sorry, but the filter is working for me (on 3.3.2).
So could you please describe in details the steps to reproduce the issue ?
(eventually, attach an input image for testing).

Thank you for your quick reply and your time.
In both cases I used identical images (sample_lena.png).
In 2.2.2 (still works for Gimp-2.10.36) I got a new image and in 3.3.2 an empty transparent layer.
However, I should have guessed that for RGB you should use an image without an alpha channel.
Once this condition is met, this option works very well.
Sorry for the false report.