Problem with Paths and Clone Tools jumping on screen

Mac Studio using Ventura and latest GIMP
When using the Path or Clone tool, the screen will jump and move so that I have to undo the last motion.
This is beyond frustrating and it happens about one in five motions.
The path tool jumps over the page and adds a point outside of the polygon I am drawing.
The Clone tool makes a similar jump.

I am on windows and can not reproduce this problem. Hopefully someone else can be helpful.

A Mac Studio is not exactly run-of-the-mill hardware Mac Studio - Apple so it could well be Gimp (software) incompatibility.

Then back to hardware, if using a battery powered mouse, new batteries ? or try a cable usb mouse. If using a graphics tablet then an offset between stylus and screen has been reported in the past. The same applies to a touch screen.

An unlikely one but in (Mac) Gimp → Preferences → Snapping The default value is 8 but if changed to a larger value in conjunction with a large grid setting can lead to jumps in position but probably not a quote: jumps over the page

I managed to find the problem.
For some reason, the scroll ball on the wired Mac USB mouse is beyond sensitive when using GIMP. Accidentally touching it caused the screen jump. Changing settings In Apple preferences did not help.
I bought a cheap Logitech mouse M500
and the problem went away.
I spent about 5 hours learning GIMP and fighting the Mac mouse.
Once I changed it out, my workflow to allowed me concentrate on learning keyboard shortcuts and finishing my first project.

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