Problem with writing in Natron

(Carlos Emanuel) #1

I’m having a problem when trying to export from Natron.
I place the write node in place and configure it, and when I try to render the animation I receive this message:

The specified transform file: ‘C:\Program Files\INRIA\Natron-2.3.10\Resources\OpenColorIO-Configs\blender\luts\rec709.spi1d’ could not be loaded. Invalid ‘From’ Tag.

Sending a printscreen from this moment.

Can somebody help me with this?

( #2

I export in sequences of png and afterwards create a video, example: sequence-####.png

(Mica) #3

Can you make sure that file exists or a test switch to a different color profile?

(Frédéric Devernay) #4

The solution is here:

This is probably a bug in Natron, but a temp workaround is to set the decimal separator in windows to “.”