Problems with passwords

I installed my Raspberry Pi following the instructions on As part of the installation I reset the default “pi” password. Everything was working fine until I installed the Little Black Box software. After the reboot I received an authentication failure and I couldn’t log-in using my new password. I tried changing the password and that didn’t help. I remarked out the line from the crontab that launched little black box and that didn’t help. Only when I returned the password to the default Raspberry Pi password did the GUI desktop launch properly. Any idea what caused this? Is there any reason why I MUST keep the default password?

Little Backup Box doesn’t modify any system settings at all, so the problem lies somewhere else. Also, I’m a bit confused. You say that you couldn’t log into the system but you were able to revert to the default password. How was that possible? Are you talking about SSH login or something else?

By the way, you mention the graphical desktop. Keep in mind that Little Backup Box is designed to work with Raspbian Lite.

I am using Raspbian Buster with desktop and recommended software. When you get the Authentication Failure screen you can hit “Ctrl + Alt + F1” and you get a virtual terminal (tty1?) in which you are logged-id as pi. From there you can change the password. When I changed the password from there back to “raspberry” and rebooted it worked fine.

Also, I just installed Raspbian lite on a different card, installed the updates and little black box (configured in card backup mode), rebooted and I am now testing to see how well it works. I connected my external HD and then connected my Camera’s SD card. It seems like it is taking a long time to complete. How can I track it’s progress?

If you are using Raspberry Pi 3, then a backup operation can take a while. This is due to the fact that the machine features slower USB 2 ports. Currently, there is no way monitor progress. I’m working on it.

Thanks for the responses. BTW…I just mentioned Little Backup Box to a friend from work and he was very interested in it as a solution for his next trip as well.

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You are welcome! Thank you for spreading the word. :slight_smile: