Process Folder Alternatives

I was using Beta 2 and ran out of space on my Data Drive D: It’s a 2TB SSD. I couldn’t figure out way; since I had selected C:\temp as my working space and it had 700 MB of free space. Then, I realized that the “process” folder wasn’t a temp folder, DUH…
I cleared some space on the Data drive and found 5 undeleted “process” folders and now have 135MB of data space. Now, I am suggesting that a new “Preference” choice is needed?
I never use any of the files in the process folder and really don’t know what one can do with them. Too old to learn new tricks for now! But, couldn’t it be a choice to “auto” delete the process folder when you quit “Siril”? Or, let the “process” folder reside in the temp folder and let it self delete.

Hello, it’s a common suggestion, we even wrote down the answer in the FAQ: Siril - FAQ

Short answer: No.

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