Process Framing

I like to use a contrasting white frame around my images during processing. Currently I auto apply a frame which is then deleted when my processing is completed.
Is there any way to be able to auto apply frames in the darkroom mode and then have the frame removes when the next image is selected or the lighttable is selected?

You can have a white frame by pushing ctrl+b. Push it again to disable it.

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Yes, thank you … that works … sort of.
It does make for a smaller image with a lot of unused screen and a large frame … is there a way to adjust the params?

You can tweak the CSS to make the darkroom background white by adding

@define-color darkroom_bg_color @grey_100;

to the CSS tweaks in the General Settings. However this also affects the thumbnail slide at the bottom and the lighttable background.

I think you’ll have to play around with

@define-color lighttable_bg_color @grey_XX;

The value XX depends on your general theme though, you can find the default themes here for inspiration

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Another option could be to create a preset that disables the frame module and apply it on exporting.

Furthermore, export module remembers your last preset and then you don’t need to remember to set it each time.

But probably changing the background is the best approach in your case :slightly_smiling_face: