Processing dng file of mobile phone camera thru RT

This Powder Puff flower was shot with my OnePlus Nord phone handheld.
The OOC jpeg wasn’t as interesting, but the .dng file yielded this much nicer and more realistic image thru RT 5.8. I guess a tripod could have improved it a bit, but this was a chance picture and in any case I thought this was good too :slightly_smiling_face:

I am wondering which camera settings does RT pickup from camconst.json for mobile phone pictures. Or, is it necessary (or even possible) to follow the prescribed process for generating a camconst.json entry for each smartphone?

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Everything is based on the camera name in the metadata of the image. The info in camconst.json is meant to provide accurate color support for each camera. RawTherapee/camconst.json at dev · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub describes what information can be set. If you follow this procedure Adding Support for New Raw Formats - RawPedia we can add support for your phone as much as possible.

Amazing what’s possible with a phone nowadays.


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AFAIK everything should be in the vendor DNG file already when it comes to accurate color reproduction. It’s easy enough to verify w/ ExifTool…

Creating custom input profiles should be discouraged unless either one has all the equipment and controlled setup to do it properly (i.e., not just a color target), or clearly understands the consequences otherwise.

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Yes, I used this procedure to add Nikon Coolpix P950 to camsconst.json via Github. That was great support experience…

camconst.json showed very few entries for what looks like smartphones. So was wondering if the mobile-phone/dng files are processed differently (ie unlike NEF, NRW…). From you response, it looks like a separate entry can (or should) be created for each smartphone by following the procedure. I will try sending files to do that in the next few days.

Just curious – why so few smartphone entries in camconst.json? I started using smartphone raws recently, so not much prior experience of processing smartphone files with RT.

Nothing in camconst.json should be necessary unless the phone manufacturer screwed up (improper DNG metadata) and the mistake needs to be corrected with overrides.

At least my experience with improperly generated DNGs is:

The most common error is a bad ColorMatrix. You won’t be able to pull this from Adobe DNG Converter in most scenarios like for many cameras, so you’ll have to go through the full ColorChecker DCP profiling flow, so instead of putting a basic matrix into camconst, a proper full dual-illuminant DCP is going to be the end result in the event that the manufacturer botched the color profile.

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Use the dng as a DCP file. Choose that option in color management. Then you can turn on the look table tone curve etc ie the components of the DCP to see how they impact the image

I really like this edit. Thanks @sls141

OK, I guess I need to do some home work on DNGs.

I made a tweak that makes a bit more sense.


IMG_20210330_104125.dng.xmp (13.5 KB)

Giving the same color as the albizia julibrissin in my garden (but doesn’t seem to be one lookink at leaf))

Nice shot! Unbelievable it’s made with a smartphone.
dt 3.4.0

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Great shot! My edit not done in RT but in darktable 3.4. I have to show this to my son, who bought this phone recently.

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Some experience with the camera apps on this phone - The Pro/Manual mode with the OnePlus camera app allows basic changes in shutterspeed/ISO and exposure, but nothing more. This picture was taken by the same app. Since this smartphone allows access to Google’s Camera2 API, I have tried Open Camera app which has many more settings that can be changed. Focus stacking was most notable, and worked reasonably well. But I am noticing some issue with Open Camera and RAW files. Need to figure out if and why its getting stuck in the RAW mode.

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Its the same category plant. May be minor differences.
Some of the flowers did have this pink shade.

The latest oneplus phone just came out with a Hasselblad camera and a big sensor …Pics should be even better…


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