Processing history

Hi everyone!
This software is truly awesome but, for me, its main “weakness” now is the lack of storage of processing history. It would be handy to see at a glance what has been done and resume the treatment at a specific location, as I do (did :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) in darktable. Are there any plans to fill this gap in a future release?


No, sorry

Use Snapshots, Alt+s, and rename them to:

  • photo loaded
  • exposition
  • masks
  • etc.

You can have many snapshots without exporting/saving one single file and at any moment, you can take one and continue your editing from that point.
This is a perfect equivalent of the history thing in Darktable.

Yessss… It’s a bit awkward and less convenient than in darktable, I do not think it is… “perfect” but… it exists! :crazy_face: Thanks.

I kind of like it …its like versions in DT but they are all in one file so you don’t have all the extra xmp and thumbs if you don’t want them and you can just keep selecting the snaps to compare versions…so in one way and that usage I think its actually better