Processing with Darktable & Gimp masked layer

So here’s an image I shot just over an hour ago, a portrait of my sheepdog Noam. I used the Lensbaby Burnside 35mm which accounts for the somewhat busy bokeh with a bit of swirly stuff thrown in. I converted the raw with DT using Christian Schultze’s “Init-Pop with filmic, vibrance etc.” dtstyle which you can find here: - a darktable styles repository (I removed the vignetting as this lens has built-in vignetting via a secondary aperture bladeset).

Once in Gimp, I duplicated the layer and applied a bit of USM to the top layer, after which I applied a circular mask with a gradient to allow only the dog’s face to get a bit of sharpening.

This is the endresult, let me know what you think…


What a hilarious dog! This is a nice shot :slight_smile: