Profiled Denoise in RawTherapee?



is there an equivalent to Darktable’s Profiled Denois? I mean in the sense of somehow removing noise with good adaptation (to iso and camera) and good default settings that require little or no manual tweaking.

If not, is there a way to profile my camera and find optimal signal to noise ratio for different ISOs and different noise removal strategies in rawthable (and then I can turn it manually to automatic profiles)?


This will help :slight_smile:



They are indeed really useful. I used them to automatically load DCP and LCP files for my camera and lenses. I was looking for a convinient way to find good noise removal parameters which I can later apply using Dynamic Processing Profiles depending on the Camer/ISO combination.


I don’t know about your camera, but for my Nikon D610 I never got good results with DT profiled noise reductions. Results always were unnatural and plastic. But if I follow noise reduction recommendations for RT I can get very good results.


So did you manually tune the noise reduction for a specific iso and then you apply it automatically using dynamic profiles?

I can get good results when i tune noise reduction manually. The problem is that it takes quite some time to do it for each image.


I save all processing params including noise ones as my profile and then apply it to similar images.


But in my experience there is not really a good “quick” way, as far as noise reduction is concerned. Noise depends on lots of factors. Sharpness, contrast, light, ISO, exposure.

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Sorry if I’m stating something obvious to you @guyru but if you save the manually tweaked noise reduction settings on a per iso basis you can apply them using the dynamic profiles as shown by @TooWaBoo. Then you only have to do the tweaking once per iso, not once per photograph.

This relies on being confident with the tools and trusting your manual nr settings. It doesn’t help you with finding the best settings.


Thanks, I thought there might an automated process that can get better results than me tweaking manually (maybe somehow optimize the SNR in each ISO based on some test shots)


It is kind of always the same, there are several tools in RT that I wish dt had and the other way around… I think it is interesting though… I think the two programs represent two different attitudes. I was already wondering who, what kind of people the programmers are - do they e.g. belong to certain nationalities? I have also noticed that the documentation of dt is in English, French, Italian and Spanish - why these languages? Just conicidence?


I think RT does a fine job for chroma noise with the automatic settings - better than DT profiled actually.
Luma needs setting - this could be automated and having ‘preloaded’ settings for each ISO could be handy. Maybe only the ‘detail recovery’ slider needs setting to account for different subjects?


That is exactly along the lines I was thinking of. I hardly have to change the chroma noise settings, but having per ISO/camera settings for luma would make life much easier.

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What do you mean “would”? The feature is already there, you got the link.


In “would” I mean something like “profiled denoise” which exists in the sense that one could programmatically optimize the noise reduction using given test shots. Like in the following tutorial:

As I understand, this feature doesn’t exist in rawtherapee.
Once I have the right values, I’m aware that I can load them with dynamic profiles.