Profiled lens correction: D500 while waiting for the D7500?


Greetings to the community!

I’m hoping to sound your collective intelligence to confirm (or infirm) what I think is a “logical deduction”:

I have a new Nikon D7500.

In RawTherapee, on the “Transform” tab and in the “Profiled Lens Correction” box, the “Lens” drop-down menu correctly identifies my Nikkor f2.8-4 16-80 lens, but the list on the drop-down menu for “Camera” does not yet have the D7500 (I know it will come soon enough, and by the way, all my thanks to the developers of RawTherapee; it’s a great program!). However, it does have the D500…

Since the D7500 and the D500 share the same sensor and processor, can I choose the D500 in the camera drop-down menu and get the right correction for photos taken with my D7500?

A “test run”, comparing a nef file corrected in RawTherapee with the partner jpeg file from the camera seems to confirm this, but I don’t know how far I can trust my own eyes.

Do you agree that that should work?

Thanks in advance and happy to be here with you at!

(Alberto) #2

Hi @KLE-France,

Yes. What matters is the crop factor of the sensor, so it should work fine.


Thanks for your very rapid answer.

Just for my curiosity, and surely that of others, is it just the crop factor, or would resolution enter into play as well? For example, the D7200 is on the list too, but it has a 24 megapixel sensor, compared to the D7500’s (and the D500’s) 20.9 mp sensor.

Could I, just for kicks, choose the D7200 in the list and have the same results?

Thanks again and happy shooting!

(Alberto) #4

Yes. in fact, lensfun probably allows also to adapt to different crop factors, at least to some extent, but don’t quote me on this :slight_smile: