Profiled Lens Correction glitch


I have the Canon 10-20mm F4 L on my Canon R5, which is correctly recorded in the image metadata:

And I have the latest Adobe lens profiles, stored in the expected location:


But the Profiled Lens Correction panel doesn’t pick up the LCP automagically from the database:


I can make it happen manually but it would be nice if it was automatic like with my other RF lenses. Have I missed out a step somewhere or is it just that this is an unsupported new lens / body combo causing the glitch?

Any advice welcomed.

Many thanks


Edit, using ART 1.21.1 on Win 10.

it never worked this way. ART picks up the lenses from the lensfun database, not the adobe one. There are a couple of ways forward:

  1. you can import the adobe database in lensfun, I think there’s a tool for that, lensfun-convert-lcp IIRC
  2. you can set up a dynamic profile to apply the LCP automatically


Ahah, got it. I may have known that previously, but forgot. Many thanks.