Profiled Lens Correction is missing my camera/lens

I am using RT 5.4 with Canon 7D + EF-S 15-85

In Profiled Lens Correction it is always None selected.
Auro-matched correction parameters is grayed out
When I select Manual correction parameters There is nothing in Camera or Lens dropdown.

RT detects camera dn lens though as I can see all the metadata above image preview.

Am I doing something wrong?

Try the latest development build, and state your OS.

Could you also copy here the last section of your option file beginning with: [Lensfun]

dev build fixed the issue.


I am using Ubuntu 18.04.1

I am using RT-dev-5.8-445 AppImage on linux Mint 19.3. Everything works fine, but lensfun is missing. Automatic (lensfun) is enabled in profiled lens correction, but the fields for camera and objective are empty and greyed out. in manual mode there are no entries. Deleting the options file doesn’t change anything. RT detects camera and lens correct in file manager.
I tried deleting and reinstalling RT, but nothing seems to help. The entry in options file for lensfun is “DBDirectory=…/share/lensfun/version_1”.
So what I am doing wrong or what can I try? Any help is very much appreciated.

Are there profiles in /share/lensfun/version_1? If not, you can download the version 1 profiles and point RT to that folder. I am mobile, but the most up to date Lena profiles are just a zip you can grab from source forge.

@paperdigits: many thanks.
On source forge I found lensfun 0.3.95 from 2018. The contained database seems to be not that updated than the version in AppImage up to 17th of may this year. my cam (pentax K-70) is included, one of my newer lences (Pentax HD 55-300-DA …PLM…) is not.
If I change the lensfun entry in options file to DBDirectory=./share/lensfun/version_1 lensfun seems to work. But the database included in the AppImage doesn’t contain the above mentioned newer lens and my cam although some AppImages of dev versions til the version from april 17 I think contained this lens too.
So: is it possible that the database included in actual AppImages uses an older version of the lensfun database compared to versions some two weeks ago?
If someone knows the link to older dev versions and can post it here, I will try older versions to find the possible change.
ping @Carmelo_DrRaw
many thanks

@hholt I had troubles with the update of the lensfun DB for other AppImage packages as well. I will have a look as soon as possible, and post my findings here.

I do not have older packages at hand, although they could be re-generated if needed…

@hholt could you test the latest packages? They should bundle an up-to-date lensfun DB as the versions from mid-april…


@Carmelo_DrRaw Lensfun is working again - very nice, and thank you very much.


Perhaps you didn’t notice but the DB in the github repository is not always upto date.
last DB timestamp seems to be 1588410146

That’s exactly why I do an update of the DB before it is bundled in the AppImage. Same is done for the Win64 packages.

I’m working on getting a git repo of just the up to date profiles