Profiled lens correction

Hello all

I am using the latest version 5.7 and my camera is not listed on the PROFILED LENS CORRECTION.
How can I help to see my camera listed?
Sending my data from the the raw/dng files will help?
I am new to rawtherapee…

Thank you

If the camera model (the one marked with red in the image) is a new one and not yet listed, just pick another model from the same manufacturer with the same sensor size and you are done. Should not make any difference in this case.


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Also, RawTherapee uses lensfun ( for the profiled corrections.

First you need to do check if your camera is in the lensfun database.

If it is not, you have to submit the ncessary files to the lensfun project in order for it to be added there.

It is is and you cannot see it in the list, there are more things to investigate (lensfun is found and can be used by RawTherapee, lensfun DB is up to date on your computer, etc…)

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Thank you for your help
Will do it via Lensfun


What is your system? where did you download your version from?
What is your camera and your lens?

  • if in manual you can find your lens but not your camera, choose a camera with same crop factor as suggested by @Janne as a workaround.

  • I can verify if your combo is present in last lensfun DB and if yes, you can update your local lensfun DB ( depends on system).

  • if your lens is not present:

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Hello Gaaned92
I am running Arcolinux on a VistualBox and I use Pacman to install software. So at this point I have Rawtherapee 5.8 installed. I have a Leica CL with the 18mm Elmarit lens.
Last time I checked it was not in the lensfun DB.
Thank you for your help


I checked in the last lensfun DB and only a 23mm Elmarit lens is referenced.

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I need your help!!
Where is that DB you checked?
I have several Elmarit lenses but not the one you mention
What am I missing?

thank you for your help

run “lensfun-updata-data”

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Your camera is an APS-C L-mount camera with a crop factor of about 1.5.
I just searched for L-Mount lenses. There are not a lot (I think one)
There are a few 4/3 mount Leica lenses, a few M-mount lenses.
Perhaps I missed some other.

Leica DMCxxx is a fixed lens name mainly used in the frame of panasonic cooperation.

In the lensfun db, I had a look into mil-leica.xml, rf-leica.xml, compact-leica.xml, slr-leica.xml, mil-panasonic.xml.

Last timestamp of lensfun DB is 1581080049

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