Profiling Dell UP2716D -- colourimeter suggestions?

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About to purchase a pair of Dell UP2716D monitors to replace my aged (and not AdobeRGB matched) U2515s. I’d like to have a better colourmatching workflow, and am considering buying and/or renting a colourimeter.

Datacolor SpiderX Pros aren’t too expensive – does anyone have experience using them to profile with DisplayCal for photographic retouching including output in AdobeRGB?

Sorry for the very basic question, but this is my first trip into matching colours on Linux.

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Hey . Welcome… I am using Windows and I have a similar question actually. I have been contemplating for a long time about purchasing a device.

I will be interesting to see how many people have one and what their experience has been… I am leaning towards the mid range x-rite now re branded as Calibrite device

US promo also includes a colorchecker at the moment…I think this ends in a week…

I am using DisplayCal from Flatpak on PopOS 22.04 with Spyder5 and it is working well. It won’t install the profile automatically but it does create it (and I manually install it).

There is a note on the start page about SpyderX so I am assuming it will work.

I never have to set the color space but the program does give end result what is the percentage that it reaches for sRGB, AdobeRGB and one more color space.

I have a Spyder X Pro and am very pleased with it. Before that I had an x-rite which I liked but with changing Windows operating systems the manufacturer was unwilling to update the software to run on Windows 10 and wanted me to purchase a new x-rite. That wasn’t going to happen so I went to Spyder.

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@ttmevans hi, I think the 2716D supports internal calibration and I think I read once that internal calibration works better than the standard method. Dell says

X-Rite i1Display Pro Colourimeter

Customize colours with the user LUT (look-up table), accessible via the Dell UltraSharp Colour Calibration Solution software(available from November 6th 2015), for precise colours that align perfectly on these Dell UltraSharp monitors.

The downsides might be you have to get the X-Rite/Calibrite and will probably need MS Windows to run Dell’s software. I have a 2516D, same setup, but I’ve bottled out of calibration so far, it seems quite a hassle all told, and I wonder how much these monitors deteriorate over time anyway.