Program for exposing digiKam database as a FUSE file system

I recently wrote photo-db-fs a program that exposes the tags and ratings stored in the digiKam database as a FUSE file system.

My main starting motivation was so I could have my desktop background just cycle through all my favorite photos automatically. Since writing it I have found some other uses for it like pushing some tags photos to google photos via rclone to show on the Chromecast background on my TV.

For example

[anitschk@localhost ~]$ mkdir /tmp/myPhotos

[anitschk@localhost ~]$ photo-db-fs \
                              --mount-point /tmp/myPhotos \
                              --db-type digikam-sqlite \
                              --db-source ~/Pictures/digikam4.db &
[1] 12910

[anitschk@localhost ~]$ ls /tmp/myPhotos/tags/DesktopBackground/photos
009318790e574d9764679ec1b8f0a987.jpg   5c23b47abdb881acee6b1f5313ecbc71.JPG
01586b0bc31424ab3b156ffdac8ef58f.JPG   5c4918818f3f14575f76c78ad1cf62d6.JPG
0338a700e5e602c496abdcad2deaa133.jpg   5da619a984339d0e1bd4b80de91a79cd.jpg

[anitschk@localhost ~]$ kill %1

Hope some other folks might find this tool useful too.

That is really cool! Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing.