Progress with RT 5.9 Film Negative

It’s not perfect, but I’m getting there. I’m trying to utilize the Film Negative feature in RawTherapee 5.9 to convert DSLR/Mirrorless film scans taken in RAW format. Once I get a little further along, I’ll do a tutorial.


hello Rick,

i just signed up to tell you: Please do so. This would be very very helpful as there is not much documentation i could find so far.

If you or anyone else could tell me, how black and white negative conversion should work I’d appreciate very much!

Thanks, Bernd

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Hi Bernd,
A simple approach for B/W negatives is to apply an “upside-down” tone curve in the exposure tool, or the L* curve in L * a * b * Adjustments.
Certain B/W negatives like Ilford XP (chromogenic B/W) tend to have a blue/purple tinge, this can be removed with the Black-and-White tool in the Color tab.

This is a very outdated approach and quite unnecessary for RawTherapee. Just enable the Film Negative module and use that. For some information: Film Negative - RawPedia

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Thanks. I’m getting into a video series on a different topic right now, but I might make a break from that to do a Film Negative tutorial.

Sometimes, when Film Negative doesn’t (or can’t) get it quite right, it helps to resort to manual methods. Or at least, a combination of the two.

I think @rom9 would be interested to hear about cases where the tool doesn’t work well.

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Sure! :wink:

Sorry for the late reply, and for being away for so long from the forum… unfortunately it’s a complete mess at work, and i have little spare time. :sob:

Anyway, @Rick thanks for your interest in the Film Negative module, please share any problem you might encounter, i’ll take a look.