Project Exporting Issue

Hello, I was following a Radial Wipe Natron tutorial via this YouTube site:

However I did everything as told but the issue I am having is exporting my project to a .mp4 video even though I followed this tutorial right here:

All of a sudden my video screen shows nothing. This is what it looks like for now:

This is what I’ve done so far:

Radial_Wipe.ntp (378.9 KB)

How can I fix this in order to get it to look like what I’ve done in Natron? This is my first time doing tutorials like this and I currently have 2.4.0 installed in my computer.

I’m able to export from your project.

But the result is not good, if you want to export video from Natron I recommend using ProRes (MOV). (4.1 MB) (8.2 MB)

Do you mean ProRes for Windows? Because that’s my current operating system.

Export image sequences instead of movie containers, this saves you a lot of trouble and time.

How would I do those things in Natron? :thinking:

Also, the tutorial I was watching on YouTube was from three years ago and these things tend to be different sometimes.


at the end of your pipeline, select the last node, hit “w” on your keyboard, (plugin a write node),
in the properties panel enter a filename like: “#####”.png
the hashtags define how big the number of image sequence is
and hit render…


View the result with djv:


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