Project setting not store and render very slow

First, thank you make this very useful composition software . It really useful for me . But when I use natron , I have a lot of questions are not solve . I don’t know why every time I open project , my project setting not store in project. And when I render a long sequence more than 300 frames , It very slowed . I didn’t use many nodes and my nodes are not very heavy like denoise node .

Can you give a detailed example of the project settings issue? Is Natron otherwise saving files correctly?

Performance issues cannot be addressed without system specs.

For example, I set the frame range from 1 to 800 and fps is 30 , when I open this project next time, those setting are back to default(frame range 1to25 fps 25), it really confused me.

This is my system specs
System : windows 10
CPU : R9 3900xt
RAM :64G
GPU : GTX 970

I have the same issue and just investigated the cause.

Just like me you probably installed the file from:

and the lines below this apply default settings right after the project is loaded:


def setProjectSettings(app):

the easy way is to add “#” comments at the beginning of the offending lines.

Not sure what should be done ? simply remove these lines or could we make the function be called only when creating a new empty project. Anyone got a clue ?

@rodlie would that same file also be the culprid for that recent issue you had?

It’s works!
Thank you.

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Seems to be the same issue I had in