Prolonged leave of absence

Hello everyone,
in particular the wonderful @Lawrence37 @jdc @HIRAM @floessie @heckflosse (if he still reads this) @Morgan_Hardwood @Entropy512 @Jade_NL @XavAL and many others!

You may have noticed my contributions have diminished over the past months, both on GitHub as here on Pixls. My gut tells me it’s necessary to change pace. A hobby is also only as good as the fulfillment and relaxation you get from it. I repeatedly cannot commit myself as much as I would like, and the complementing increase in frustration is not easily rationalized away.

The only logical, but difficult step left is to really say adieu for now. I have therefore removed myself from the GitHub project and will stop frequenting this forum. I will definitely not forget the project, nor this wonderful community, and I will keep supporting Pixls with a monthly donation. When my fingers start to itch again and I find the time and peace of mind, I know I can get back to a group of kind and dedicated people doing great things.

And finally, don’t hesitate to contact me personally through Pixls if you want.

See you all later!


Self care first, this is a distant second (or fifth or tenth). Take care of yourself and hopefully we hear from you soon, happy and full of good spirit.

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All this should be fun, even though it being hard is part of that sometimes.

So, stepping away, for a longer or shorter time, is the sane thing to do.

Hope to see you again, though :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the update. It was good working with you, I hope we’ll work together again at some point in the future.

Also, apologies to the others for not being super-active on the git side of things lately… Work has been a bit hectic, so I can easily participate in the forums but haven’t busted out an editor on my personal machines in a while. I’ll hopefully be a bit more active soon though.


As you say a hobby is also only as good as the fulfillment and relaxation you get from it.

The main thing in life is to have a project, a vision of the future. I hope you find your way.

You were a good facilitator and I hope we can talk again :grinning:



Thanks for letting us know. Yeah, it’s just posts in some software somewhere, but here it forms the kernel of relationships…

Here’s hoping your subsequent endeavors are rich and fulfilling, Roel…


Roel, thank you for all the contributions you’ve made over the years, especially for being an unofficial maintainer of sorts and for pushing the project along towards a much needed release. I will miss seeing you around here. Wishing you a happy life.

Until next time…


This is sad news for us. Thanks for maintaining the project during Maciek’s absence. And all the best!

Flössie :cry:



Hi, Roel. As a forever-greatful RawTherapee user, I just wanted to express exactly how much your dedication and hard work, as well as that of all the other generous contributors, has changed my life forever — without RawTherapee, I simply would not be able to afford to continue with the hobby I love.

The time and effort that both you and your colleagues have put into this wonderful project has had such a huge impact, and I don’t think that we (as humble users) take the time to really say ‘thank you’ and express just how much of an impact — for some of us, myself included, that impact has been a game-changer.

So, thank you once again; without guys like you, there would be no camera in my camera bag, and a heck of a lot less joy in my life. And I wish you all the very best for the future.


I have neither been a longtime nor an active member in this community, but I would also like to thank you for everything you offered! I really appreciate it when people offer their time and effort just to help others in communities and projects like this.

I wish you find joy and satisfaction in anything you choose to do and have a great time all in all! Thanks again!

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@Thanatomanic I wish you all the best in your search to restore the needed balance, and hope to see you around these parts again at some point. Bon voyage!