Propaganda Filter

Hi All,

I am very keen to create some “Russian” style propaganda posters.

I am wondering if there is a know filter (Similar to the Hope Poster Filter) tht can be iused to create the same effects are I have included in the two pictures attached?


Proaganda 1

@Prop Welcome to the forum! Making propaganda are we? :slight_smile: Tell us more about your project and where you are at with it.

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Cool project.
Like many Americans, I am not too supportive of Soviet communism, nonetheless, the aesthetic is amazing, and old USSR national anthem was one of the best national anthem I’ve ever heard.
Good luck, comrad!

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Some of the measures in place for the CoronaVirus are very similar to Cubas Food Rationaing policies.

Additionally our Prime has threatened to remove funding from any schools that close. He demands they all stay open.

He has handed millions of dolllars in Grant money to his friends and his Church

Many other things that are just horrible.

The picture will be used to represent that we have shifted fro a Democracy (of sorts) to a dictatorship.

Itll be used to create a Meme.

I haCommunism 4 ve attached a concept I was working on yesterday, but I do not think it is powerful enough

Concept looks complete. What is the problem that you are trying to figure out? Unless we have more to go by, we can’t offer you any suggestions. Perhaps you are looking for the Critique or Digital Painting categories?

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The pic i showed you isnt a “Strong Image” and requires the viewer to have a deeper knowledge of Communism and its propaganda.

I would like to replicate the picture on the three Communist leaders and add a fourth face to it. The new/fourth face would be our current prime minister. I have attached a few photos of him. His Name is Scott Morrison (On twitter he is referred to as #CrimeMinisterMorrison and #LiarFromTheShire

I am only new to graphic editing (3 Months) so my skills are not great and when I saw the GMIC filter I was very impressed. I was just wondering if there was an easy way to change a photo into one that looked like the faces in the Russian Propaganda posters. please do not go to using up your time. I was hoping someone new of a sequence of step or pre-existing filter like the 'Hope Poster" one.