purple tint in DNG W/O LR so no “Embed Fast Load Data” option

I have the exact problem as the others with purple tinted DNG’s only i dont use LR so i cant change the “Embed Fast Load Data” option. I use a canon 60D with MagicLantern and use raw2mlv combined with MLVApp to convert my dual-iso shot to a MLV and then to a DNG. This results in a purple imported DNG in RT, i can revert this by changing color temperature and the tint but this is not the most fun solution.
Any ideas?

What about some samples to play around with?

From what i know this problem is with how RT imports DNG files so you only need a DNG file and import it into RT. This problem has been know for quite a while and some people fixed it by changing the “Embed Fast Load Data” setting in LR but i havent got lightroom.


You’re being way to general with the how RT imports DNG files statement. This was a problem that concerned DNGs created from dual ISO shots and not DNGs in general.

To my knowledge this is already fixed, but you do need to run one of the newer RawTherapee versions.

This is a somewhat older version (5.8-3157) that shows, what I assume to be your issue (import only, no edits whatsoever):

And this from a later version (5.8-3161):

this could be the solution but how do i check my version?

Look at the top left of the window, or preferences → about bottom right.

The latest versions can be accessed form here:

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