Put a brush along a path

I found this Illustrator Tutorial:

Is it possible to place a brush along a path in Gimp as in this tutorial?

No as indicated since these are vector brushes. But if you have a path in Gimp, you can use Edit > Stroke pathpic on pf the paint tool, and this will stroke the path with the brush.

Depending on what you want to do, you possibly want to set the Dynamics to Track direction with the Paint brush options, and tick the Emulate brush dynamics in Stroke path:




I use this brush:


I have now aligned this brush with the above settings on the path. The result looks like this:


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the Illustrator tutorial.

Maybe I can’t do something like that in Gimp?

I don’t see a tutorial in the page and I don’t see what the result is supposed to look like? You can likely do something like what you expect in Gimp, but using a different technique.

one system for this is called “skeletal strokes”, the original work was sold to fractal design I think then bought by microsoft, there is probably a paper online by the academic who wrote it