[pxChallenge] Cakes and other vehicles of celebration

Tomorrow is my birthday. Whether or not it is that day, I am easily forgotten; so I don’t get to celebrate much any time of the year with people. That isn’t my problem; its theirs, but it does hurt once in a while. Okay — enough with the sob notes.

Here is the challenge: take photos of cakes and other vehicles of celebration. It doesn’t even have to be that; only thematically related. Be creative, or not. As long as it is thoughtful or thought provoking, it is fine. I hope that more than a dozen people will participate. To quote a wise person:

Except my robot instincts tell me that that sentence is grammatically incorrect. And you aren’t limited to one entry.

Start capturing, processing and having fun!

Shall we take photos of non-existent cakes?


Oh, good one…

My loving wife has a thing she does for Easter, she makes a “lamb cake”, yes, a cake in the shape of a lamb. She even has a pan.

Anyway, she uses jellybeans for the eyes, giving the poor thing a bit of an other-worldly look. Early on, I gave her a little grief for that, nicknaming the cake, “Polter-Lamb”, y’know, like Poltergeist… okay, you’d have to be there. @afre, your challenge resurrected my recollection of these creations. Here are a few snapshots from over the years:


Hmmm, only one image would upload, the one year we gave the cake decent eyes…


Here’s my niece making a glue & glitter cake for you. Enjoy!


@Reptorian Even creatively filtered non-existent cakes are welcome. My only requirement is that you capture something.

@ggbutcher Nice lamb. My first thought was whether it was red on the inside. Cannot have Passover or Easter without symbolic blood. Then I saw the cranberry juice.

@Eduardo_Battaglia Glue & glitter is such a classic. Say thank you for me.

As for my own capturing, I have been lacking creative juices lately due to burn out and nursing a cold among other things. I still intend to take a shot of something; but then again this thread is here to stay, so submissions don’t necessarily have to be today.

No cake pic from me (unless you want a pic of me and my daughter celebrating my 50th with a cake from the cheesecake shop)
But congratulations on another completed solar orbit.

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That is actually within the parameters of this challenge, though of course it is about encouraging people to capture anew rather than digging up old photos. Like I said, this thread will always be open for you to share what you come up with; there is no deadline. :wink:


Ok, here’s my vehicle of celebration (called heckflosse) shot at the beach near Mussenden Temple in northern ireland.

Happy birthday! :fireworks:


That’s it: was waiting for a more literal take! I misspeak, making allusions, puns and suggestions on purpose, you know.

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Ok, I seriously question my sanity now… :smiley:
I don’t know where this inspiration came from… I swear it’s a photo and freshly taken (I even spent some time tweaking it a little).
Maybe a bit unsettling to look upon, though…


Here’s a photo of a drawing of me taking a photo of a cake, just for you.

As you can probably tell, I spent hours on this. The most time-consuming part was baking the cake so that I could take a picture of me taking a picture of the cake so that I could draw a picture from the photo and then take a picture of the drawing. Hope you’re impressed.


@billznn Was definitely waiting for something like this. Sanity isn’t always serious. I don’t know if you have been acquainted with my space burger.

@ldj The story brings your photo to life, whether or not it is a true story™ . All I am wondering is what the rectangular shape at the top-left corner is.

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The rectangle is just a quick hack blur & clone to remove the company ( not associated with me) logo on the notepad. I don’t think they would want any connection with my ramblings.

I think you are perilously close to the event horizon here; one misstep and the entirety of pixls.us will be sucked into a singularity, licensed CC BY-NC 4.0… :smile:


Celebrating making it to Saigon with a celebratory bowl of Canh Chua Cá (a sour fish soup) with all the fixins’.


Nice. Would you mind sharing some recipes? I like this kind of food because I happen not to be allergic to it (gluten {not rice gluten, thankfully} and dairy).

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Yes, it will be a good cultural exchange. I will have to interview some of my in-laws who are good cooks.

This was on the menu for last night’s Trump-Kim dinner. Although I would not use Romaine, I plan to make this to celebrate when I get home. I will probably use Napa cabbage.


I plan to call it Trump’s Shripy Cocktail.

Celebrating the half-way point of my overseas journey with a nice glass of passionfruitade.



  • The pulp of four passionfruits
  • The juice of one lime
  • Ice

Slice wrinkly purple passionfruit rinds with the tip of a knife. Carefully halve and scoop the seedy pulp into a medium-sized glass. Add fresh-squeezed lime juice and ice. Stir and enjoy.

The buffering action of the citric acid in lime juice aids the digestion of passionfruit. Limes are preferred because they have the highest content by weight of citric acid, 8%.

px challenges seem to have died out. A late reply to the last one.

This cake is a vehicle. I built it from a design someone else came up with, and here it is being piloted by my daughter a few years ago at a Maker Faire. Inside is a heavily modified sit-down electric scooter. I had to do a lot of cutting to get the 48" wheelbase to fit in a 36" cupcake tin.