pySiril release package appears to be Windows only

I’m running Linux (Mint 20.1).
I was really excited to read about pySiril on the new website as it has capabilities that I’m keen to use. Followed the link to GitLab and downloaded the current release pysiril-0.0.8-py3-none-any.whl. When attempting to install, the package has dependencies on pypiwin32 -> pywin32 which I believe are Windows only.
I’m up and running OK by building from source but either the installation instructions at are misleading or the release package is not as intended?


I must say I was not aware it wouldn’t work on Linux. I’ll update the instructions to say that pulling the whl from the release section is for Windows users only (sorry, that’s the OS I’m using…). For Linux, you will have to build directly from sources, following the instructions at, cloning the repo and building the whl yourself (option 1).


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I have fixed the package dependency problem.

Version 0.0.9 should now install correctly on Linux. I tested it only on Archlinux.

You can test on Linux Mint 20.1

Hi, Confirmed the new package installs fine on Mint 20.1

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